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Alvas.Audio 8.5
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Alvas.Audio 8.5

Platform:Vista, Windows
Requirements:.Net framework 2.0 or later
Install:Install and Uninstall
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Publisher's Description:

Alvas.Audio - Alvas.Audio for .Net is an audio library written in C#. The collection allows C# and VB.Net developers to create applications that play (including mixed audio data), record, edit and convert sound.

Key Features:

1. Record audio data:

- record uncompressed audio data (PCM);

- record compressed audio data: IMA ADPCM, Microsoft ADPCM, CCITT A-Law, CCITT u-Law, GSM 6.10, MPEG Layer-3 (mp3) and others;

- record data to the stream (file stream, memory stream);

- pause and resume recording;

- get the current sound position;

- record data to any recorder installed in the system.

2. Play audio data:

- play uncompressed audio data (PCM);

- play compressed audio data;

- play data from the stream (file stream, memory stream);

- play mixed audio data;

- pause and resume playing;

- get the current sound position;

- play data from any player installed in the system.

3. Set up mixer controls:

- select source line for recording;

- change source line volume for recording;

- additional controls adjustment. For example, "Mic Boost";

- change master volume for playback;

- playback muting.

4. Editing

- change the volume and speed of audio data;

- join several pieces of audio in a single;

- cut/insert/remove a piece in the audio stream;

- merge two mono audio streams into one stereo.

5. Convert audio wave stream to mp3 stream.

6. Convert Dialogic .vox (adpcm) stream to Mp3 stream.

7. Checks audio signal silence.

8. Few audio files concatenation.

9. Return the audio stream duration in milliseconds.

10. View the level of the input sound signal.

11. Play, record and convert RAW headerless format (SLINEAR etc).

12. Play and extract audio data from Avi streams.

13. Encode and decode Dialogic .vox (adpcm) format data.

Requirements: .Net Framework v2.0 or later (also .Net v3.5)

Recommended: .Net Framework with Visual Studio .Net 2005 or later (also VS.NET 2008)

List of Changes:

Version 8.5 from 2011-11-06

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Version 8.1 from 2011-04-04

Supports x64 mode on 64-bit operating systems.
WaveformVisualizer draws picture of the sound amplitude-time representation (Waveform).
Removes DC offset.
AuReader reads an audio data from the .AU and .SND streams.
ToFormat method converts audio data to the specified audio format.

Version 7.7 from 2011-01-09

Support audio filters such as Chorus, Compressor, Distortion, Echo, Flanger, Gargle, I3DL2Reverb, ParamEq, WavesReverb.
Helper for converting Mp3 file to Wav file with PCM (Pulse-code modulation) data
Helper for decoding audio data in PCM (Pulse-code modulation).

Version 7.1 from 2010-02-01

Writes ID3 tag version 1 from MPEG Layer3 streams.
Writes INFO metadata(similar mp3 tags) from Wave streams.
Checks audio signal silence.

Version 7.0 from 2009-11-04

Reads ID3 tag version 1 from MPEG Layer3 streams.
Reads INFO metadata(similar mp3 tags) from Wave streams.
Gets the format list for specified format tag and driver.

Version 6.8 from 2009-03-19

DsReader class for playback any audio files and decode theirs to PCM using DirectShow filters. Supports .mp3, .wma, (.aif .aifc .aiff), (.au .snd), (.mid .midi .rmi), .wmv, .asf, .mpeg, .avi, .cda, (.ac3 .dts), .mka, (.mpa .mp2 .m1a .m2a), (.m4a .aac), .mpc, (.rm .rmvb .ra .ram) and much more...

Version 6.5 from 2009-02-03

New features:
1. RecordPlayer class for recording and playback.
2. WaveReadWriter, Mp3ReadWriter, RawReadWriter and IAudioReadWriter classes to read/write data from/to the audio stream.
3. MergeStereo methods for merging 2 audio mono into one stereo.
4. Doesn't use unsafe code.

Version 6.1 from 2008-12-04

New features:
1. Added support for recording and playback in WAV format with 24 and 32 bits PCM format with more than two channels and 32 bits floating point format (WAVE_FORMAT_IEEE_FLOAT).
2. Can use PlayerEx and RecorderEx in the console applications and Windows Services.

Version 6.0 from 2008-07-12

New classes:
1. AcmConverter class converts audio data from one format to another.
2. Mp3Reader/Mp3Writer are classes for reading/writing audio data from/to MP3 streams.
3. AviReader is a class for reading audio data from Avi streams.
4. RawReader/RawWriter for Slinear, Gsm, A-law, mu-law etc.


Audio controls for C# and VB.Net developers.

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File Size: 1015.9 Kb
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Latest User Reviews:

V Jvenet 2010-09-13 21:13:02 #
Version: 7.1

Alvas.Audio is a crude and vulgar implementation of media playing and encoding.

It is, however, extremely easy to learn, works good and is easily implemented into my apps.

Good Job.

Vb 2009-08-14 00:34:15 #
Version: 6.8

Dear Team,
I have downloaded the Alvas.Audio and installed in 64bit Vista, which is not working, but in the Specification, you have mentioned that it is compatible for 64 bit; I have installed the K-Lite drivers also even it is not working. I Send mails to the support team and there is no response for the last one month

Can you plz update me this I am interested in your product. How can i contact the Support.


L. Tucker 2008-02-29 20:02:10 #
Version: 6.0

A Simple Review

This is very handy for all my my recording work I do. So far no problems. Thanks!

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File Size: 1015.9 Kb
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